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Tuesday, 9:35 a.m.
From the desk of: Mark Evans, DM
Dear Real Estate Entrepreneur,

Like it or not, we are now living smack dab in the middle of the Internet age … a time when any business or business man needs a good website to be considered legitimate by most prospects.

But as a real estate investor, you need more than just a website. To truly see your business take off and begin earning the cash profits you desperately want, you need a complete online system that will allow you to quickly and easily generate leads and buy and sell profitable real estateall with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Sounds like wishful thinking, huh. But what if I told you that such a system does exist? What if I told you there was a quick and easy solution available that will:

  • Provide you with the magnetic online presence all real estate investors need to succeed today
  • Automate your business and transform it into a sleek, efficient money-making machine
  • Free you up to do what you do best – which is buy and sell houses and make money – lots and lots of money

If I told you that there was a system that could do all of the above and much more, would you be interested in learning more?

If so, I urge you to keep reading. Believe me, you won’t be disappointed.
How to Get the Internet Presence You Deserve …
Even If You Don’t Know the First Thing
About Setting Up a Website!
Hello, my name is Mark Evans and I recently read an article that said 82% of people looking for their next home will start their search on the Internet.

Now think about that for a second, 82% of people today start their house search online.

That’s why having professional, magnetic websites is essential to your success today!

I mean I don’t know about you but I’d rather have a chance of making money with 82% of people versus trying to be just like all the other investors out there who are fighting over that remaining 18%.

So the question becomes how can a real estate entrepreneur like yourself get websites that are optimized to generate hot leads without spending your life savings and without having to go back to school and learn web design?

Well, as it turns out, the answer is simple.
Introducing …
At last, there is a fast, easy, inexpensive way for entrepreneurs such as yourself to create the web presence you need to explode your profits and begin earning more money than you dared even hope for back when you were starting out in this business.

At, we offer:

  • Easy-to-Use, Easy-to-Customize Websites – now you don’t need to understand HTML or other complicated programs, if you can send an email and know how to surf the web, you can create the professional-looking, lead-generating websites you’ve always wanted!
  • Powerful Database System – use this to manage your properties and track your leads. You will now be able to access your leads from a central location, anywhere you have a PC and Internet connection, 24/7!
  • Simple Lead Capture Forms – use these to capture vital information from buyers and sellers – you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to do!
  • Lead Tracker – our websites automatically create a database of leads already separated into buyers or sellers so you can easily market to and track them
  • And much, much more!

This is Your Chance to Have Buyers & Sellers
Practically Lining Up & Begging to Do
Business With You!

Why continue to waste so much of your valuable time with “tire-kickers” who are never going to buy?

Why keep spending hours and hours on the phone with prospects and never getting anywhere?

Why NOT start making more money with ease …

Why NOT take your real estate business to the next level …

Why NOT start capitalizing on the #1 under-utilized, profit-producing tool available to you right now …

Why NOT Join is incredibly easy to use and it can help ANY real estate investor – even beginners with absolutely no Internet experience at all – manage their business and make lots and lots of money in real estate!

With, you’ll be able to:

  • Get your investing business up and running and earning profits in no time!
  • Save time and money – with you can work less than the competition while making more – much, much more!
  • Create websites that send profits flooding into your bank account 24/7 – even while you sleep!
  • Establish a web presence that will instantly make you more credible to buyers and sellers!
  • Pre-screen and pre-negotiate prospects without ever talking to them!
  • Make your marketing efforts much more efficient and effective
  • Keep prospects and clients up-to-date
  • Have more time to prospect
  • And much, much more!

To succeed in real estate today, you need to ensure you don’t spend more time working IN your business rather than ON your business … you need to stop wasting countless hours trying to find decent prospects or working with bad prospects who are never going to buy … you need!
Here’s Just Some of What You Can Do With Your Sites:
  • Design your own site by selecting from professionally designed templates
  • Rank your leads according to priority
  • Be notified the instant one of your sites generates a new lead
  • Make website updates and changes with a few clicks of your mouse
  • Access all leads from a central location with a simple Internet connection
  • Make notes on your leads, all date- and time-stamped
  • Create a buying website that entices sellers to read about you and sell you their house
  • Create a selling website that attracts both retail and wholesale buyers
  • Create a database of trackable leads
  • Pre-qualify leads before you even see them
  • And much, much more!
Finally, Everything You Need to Succeed in Real Estate
is Available in One Convenient, Inexpensive Package!
If you are an experienced real estate entrepreneur, after joining you are sure to wonder how you ever bought and sold real estate without it!

And if you are just starting out in real estate, you can rest assured that offers everything you need to succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

With, you’ll be prospecting and finding profitable deals like a seasoned veteran in no time! Stands Head &
Shoulders Above the Competition, Providing You
With the Fastest, Easiest, Most Reliable Way to
Dramatically Boost Your Earnings & Begin Living
the Wealthy Lifestyle You’ve Always Wanted! Here are just a few of the real-life leads my own websites have generated for me:

Case Study #1 – Here's a lead that came in last week...

A guy filled out the form on our website saying he'd just lost his job three months ago, out of the blue.

He was a great guy ... had never even been late on a payment. But now he was unemployed and couldn't make the payments anymore. He never thought this would happen to him, but it did ... so he asked for my help.

Through this lead generated with our system, we were able to step in and help him save his credit right before they were ready to start the foreclosure process. The reason we were able to do this with such ease is because we had buyers lined up already that were eager to move into his house.

Case Study #2 – Here’s a recent buyer lead that I received …

I want to tell you about a buyer lead that came in late one night just a few weeks ago (all names for both examples have been changed to protect their privacy). I woke up one morning and was checking my email while sitting on the back porch enjoying my morning cup of coffee

The lead that had come in overnight was from a father who was up late one night and had found my system on the Internet. He subscribed to our site by filling out the online form. The marketing we had out there that got him to the site is part of what comes with the system.

See what his lead looked like when it came in by clicking on the link below

This man was looking to move very soon and needed to find a place that he could rent to own. Because of having both of these systems in place, I already had a seller who I knew had a house in exactly the part of town he was looking in. So, I called that seller up, arranged for them to see the house, and they moved in the next weekend.

From when I first saw the lead on my email to when I had arranged a showing for them, it all took about an hour. This family was so ecstatic that I was able to help them so quickly that they happily paid me a fee of $1,250, and now they have the house of their dreams!

Case Study #3 – Here’s a seller lead that came in recently:

Now let's talk about a seller we helped. This lady was moving out of state in two weeks. She had been struggling with going through the Internet for weeks looking for someone to help her sell her house until she came across our system. Once she saw it and filled out the form, she realized we were the ones to help because it was so simple and not at all confusing like the other sites she'd been to. "A 2-year old could fill it out," she said.

See what her lead came in looking like:

I called her the next day since she needed to move so fast. I made her a top priority since she was in such a rush. Because she was in such a rush, she didn't have time to go through trying to sell it with a Realtor. There was a good amount of equity in the property, but she was willing to give it up so that she could just move quickly and get on with her life.

So, through our system, we were able to quickly locate a buyer for her house, and we closed on it within 3 weeks. A buyer had actually filled out the buyer-side website form about 4 days before I ever talked to this seller, so all I had to do was go back and quickly look through my list of buyers to find the perfect match for this house!

And for bringing all these people together through the power of the Internet and our system, we earned a consulting fee of $5,500!
It’s Leads Like These That are a Big Reason Why I
Firmly Believe That
is Absolutely the Best Website Provider for
Real Estate Investors Today!
But don’t just take my word for it. Here’s what just a few of my many satisfied customers have to say about it:





So What Are You Waiting For … Isn’t It Time
You Wrote Your Own Real Estate
Investing Success Story?
Our Websites Could Allow You to Achieve Success
Much Faster Than You Ever Imagined Possible!
I’ve got a fact for you: Real estate has created more millionaires than any other industry.

It’s true, real estate really has.

The simple truth is real estate investing can deliver the fortune you have always dreamed of. What you need is the right tool to take advantage of the opportunities as they arise … What you need is to join provides you with complete, easy-to-use websites that generate leads, organize your business and save you tons of time and hard work!

Here’s more benefits of using my incredible system:

  • Automatically creates a responsive, profit-pulling database of leads that will become the backbone of your real estate business
  • Allows you to automatically contact prospects
  • Allows you to turn suspects into prospects and prospects into clients … while you sleep!
  • Is incredibly easy to use and contains all the essential tools you need to succeed!
  • Allows you to manage your entire business from a central location that you can access via the Internet anytime, anywhere, 24/7!
  • And much, much more!

By utilizing my websites’ features, I have seen my own real estate investing business explode – the same thing could happen for you! Plus, you won’t have to go through all the costly trial and error that I did in creating these powerful website templates. You’ll be able to go straight to earning BIG profits!
Join Today & Save by
Taking Advantage of My Limited Time Special Offer!
So how much would you expect to pay for such an amazing system that quite literally could change your life and allow you to achieve your financial dreams?

Certainly, even several thousand dollars would not be unreasonable … as you could make much more than that with the deals your websites will help foster.

But relax you won’t have to pay near that much to join

In fact, right now, for a limited time, you can take advantage of my special promotional offer and join for just $67 a month – that’s $30 off the regular price of $97 a month!

Plus, If You Sign Up Now,
I Will Waive the Set-Up Fee!
This is a $697 Value!
I remember when I started out in real estate investing how tight money was, so ... for a short time only, I'm really going to waive the initial setup fee of $697!

You see, I don't want ANY excuses for why you can't start building your real estate wealth and empire NOW, so I'm willing to help you not have to break the bank to get it going.

Of course, as in any business, I will have to eventually charge and increase this set up fee ... but, as of right now, where else can you get a complete system that brings in pre-qualified leads "while you sleep" without having to part with several thousand dollars?

I know of other, very popular, internet marketers who would charge anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000 to set this up for you, but I want there to be no excuses on why you can't start TODAY!

These websites I'll host and provide for you will have all of your custom information listed. That's right! YOUR own information will appear on the webpage for all of your leads to see, as it's your website to use

Here’s what your $67 a month fee covers:

  • complete buyer’s website
  • A complete seller’s website
  • Plus, complete website hosting and maintenance!

In short, you’ll get everything you need to succeed … for just $67 a month!

In no time, you will have two websites sending you emails with the contact information of your prospects. The great thing with these leads is that you decide how to prioritize them and who you want to call back … the choice is yours.

The website templates themselves all feature nice, simple, elegant designs that are time-tested and proven effective in getting prospects to leave all the personal information you'll need. These templates contain none of the flashy stuff that has been shown not to work because it distracts people. Your leads are looking for simplicity and ease-of-use, not fluff.

If you're looking for "fancy-schmancy", flashy websites, then this won't be for you. Our goal is to provide members with nice, simple, ultra-effective websites that more than anything else generate motivated leads.

Let's be real here...

You don't order a phone line for just one month, right? Success is all about staying consistent. You will start seeing results very quickly, and will, no doubt, be generating hot leads continuously using our system.

NOW...let's think about this...

So, that’s $67 a month x 12 months = $804 per year, which equals about $2.20 per day to skyrocket your business! That’s about the same price as a copy of coffee at Starbucks. Would you give up your morning stop at the coffee shop in order to achieve success sooner? Who wouldn't?

Let me take this one step further for you...

If you go ahead and sign up for the whole year now, I will give you TWO months for free! Now you're down to $1.84 per day to have your email inbox exploding with pre-qualified leads from both buyers and sellers!

Let’s face it: If you're not using the Internet to generate tons of leads, you're just not going to be as big of a success as you could be ... period.

Don’t forget, these websites have all the tools you need to buy and sell dozens of houses per year, and they will eliminate many of the headaches associated with real estate investing.

The truth is NOT joining could cost you thousands of dollars and hundreds of wasted hours!

To take advantage of this limited time offer, please click here.

Plus, If You Order Now You Will Also Receive the
Following Bonus Gifts Absolutely FREE!
  • FREE Gift #1 – My Personal Marketing Samples (a $??? Value)
    That’s right, order now and I will also give you samples of my best marketing materials. Use these as ideas to generate your own materials or simply copy them and start using them yourself to generate motivated leads quickly. It’s up to you!
  • FREE Gift #2 – 60-Minute Live Telecall With Me, Mark Evans (a $??? Value)
    That’s right, you will receive a personal invitation to attend for free my upcoming telecall on how to supercharge your websites to start generating leads in record speed! You don’t want to miss this!
Plus, With My Unconditional 100% Money-Back
Guarantee, You’ve Got Absolutely Nothing to Lose
I am so sure that you will love – and your buyers and sellers websites – that I am offering an unconditional 100% money-back guarantee.

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply notify me within 30 days and I will refund your money, in full, with absolutely no questions asked!

That's ONE FULL MONTH to put your websites to the test — all the risk is on me.
I don't think I could be any fairer than that! Improve your business and start making money as a real estate investor or get your purchase price back!

You’ve got absolutely nothing to lose – and tons of real estate profits and leads to gain!

So What ARE You Waiting For?

Order Today & Join
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Remember, Join Today & You Won’t
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So are you ready to make MORE money working LESS!

Are you ready to see how you can dramatically change and increase your business?

Are you ready to use what is already there - and free - to catapult yourself to success?

… Then join today.

Don’t delay … I feel that I should warn you that I can’t keep this program at this low price for long. It is far too valuable.

To take advantage of this tremendous offer while it lasts, simply click on the Order Now Button below:

Mark Evans, DM
Creator of

P.S. Your sites will be packed with useful features that will make your job easier … & much more profitable! Sign up today.

P.P.S. – I will start charging the $697 set-up fee sooner rather than later. This is most definitely a "Buy it NOW before it's too late" offer... so act fast!

P.P.P.S. -- Let's be blunt: If you pass on this offer, will you be a successful real estate investor raking in big profits any time soon? Statistics say most likely not. Get this system NOW and get the tools and information you need to begin fulfilling your real estate investing dreams!

Act now! Buy now! Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Click here!
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