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Here’s what your BUYER leads will
come to you looking like
(via email):


Someone filled out the form at!

Referred by:
<<your name & email info will appear here>>

Contact Information

Name:  Tom & Sherri Jones
Home Phone:  
E-mail Address:

Current Address:
123 Main Rd.
Whitehall, OH


How Much They Have For a Down Payment:  

Do You Currently Live In A House Or Apartment:  mobile home

Do You Rent Or Own:  own

What's Your Current Monthly Payment:  600

New Monthly Payment Amount Can Be:  650

Why Are You Moving:  the trailer park management is terrible



Where They Want To Move To:  
We need to stay in Whitehall schools for my daughter

Comments/Questions:  We'd like to move as soon as possible

<<they can put their own notes in here on whatever they wish to share with you>>

This will give you enough information to go on to know how to prioritize for calling them back to discuss their information more in-depth. Everything you see here are “required” spots for them to fill in on your site…they will not be able to submit their request for more information unless they fill it all out completely.

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