"Have Buyers & Sellers Coming To You
With The Click Of A Mouse"

  • Are you tired of spending money running newspaper ads that get no results?

  • Are you sick of only attracting tire-kickers?

  • Tired of spending hours on the phone and getting nowhere?

From the e-Desk of Mark Evans DM

Hello Real Estate Entrepreneur ~

Do you ever wonder how it is that there are many people around you that are silently generating 4-star leads with ease?

So, what is a 4 star lead?

It's when buyers and/or sellers are contacting me saying "Please help...I need to find a new place to live in 2 weeks!" or "Please help...I need to move next week, and I don't have time to sell my house."

Here's a lead that came about last week...

A guy filled out the form on our website saying he'd just lost his job three months ago, out of the blue.  He was a great guy...had never even been late on a payment.  But now he was unemployed and couldn't make the payments anymore. He never thought this would happen to him, but it he asked for my help.

Through this lead generated with our system, we were able to step in and help him save his credit right before they were ready to start the foreclosure process.  The reason we were able to do this with such ease is because we had buyers lined up already that were eager to move into his house.

You can now stop wondering how all these leads are being generated...

I’m going to offer you the reality of how people are doing it every day. But, before I go any further, I want to ask you some questions here...

Do you use the Internet to generate leads?

Do you want to know how you can be talking to sellers while you are:

  • playing golf
  • traveling
  • sleeping, or
  • playing with your children?
Do you want to make more money with ease?

Are you sick and tired (and just fed up!) with talking to “tire kickers”?

Are you ready to finally make some real money?

Would you like to make more money doing nothing more than what you’re doing now but with just a couple of minor tweeks to your marketing?

Are you ready to take your Real Estate business to the next level?

Are you ready to understand how the “Big Boys” in this game of Real Estate make real money?

Are you ready to capitalize on the #1 under-utilized tool available to you right now?

Are you sick and tired of running in circles?

Are you done running those same ol’ boring ads that everyone else is running that might get you 1 call in a week?

Well, all of the "sick and tired" can be left behind and your next leap forward can become reality for you TODAY!

What I’m going to share with you is going to ruffle the feathers of the so-called “guru” marketplace but, frankly, I don’t care.

I think we should all be on the same playing field, don’t you?

What I want to explain to you is that you already know enough right now to do a deal.

Scary statement, huh?

All you need to know, and that "they" don't tell you, is that you can buy a property at $85,000 that’s worth $100,000 and sell it to one of your buyers for $90,000 and make $5,000!

But, wait...

You also don't have to have any cash or credit to do this...all you need to have is a system in place that will generate buyers and sellers for you, along with your specialized knowledge.

Hold on Mark. Buying at that price is not 70% loan to value (LTV)! What this means is, if a house is worth $100,000 you can’t pay more than $70,000 after repair value (ARV) for it.


Now, don’t get me wrong. There are deals available at 70% LTV.

But step back for a second and really think about this for a minute. Don’t you think there are more experienced investors out there that have cash in the bank, just sitting around like a hawk in the desert waiting for the wounded?

You betcha ya there are!

But there is still light at the end of the tunnel. Follow me, there?

What if I can set you up with the same exact system that I use to generate leads on a daily basis - all within the next 72 business hours.

One thing I know for sure is that money is attracted to speed.

How’s that for speed?

I’m talking about using the Internet here.

You may be thinking, "Mark, I already know how to use the Internet."

Do you? Someone once said, “You don’t know what you don’t know.”

Believe me, there’s more out there than you know about, and I will show you how to use it to your advantage.

Or, if you’re thinking, “I know nothing about the Internet.” Great!  You don't need to be a professional HTML writer.  If you're reading this page right now, you know enough to start generating leads in 72 hours.

We take care of everything for you to get this unique system up and running!  We'll customize websites for you that have all of your own contact information.  All you have to do is the marketing to make people go to the sites once they're up.

Think about all of the millions…heck…billions of dollars made on the Internet today. Why not get a piece of it for yourself and your family?

I read an article recently that said that 82% of people looking for their next home will start their search on the Internet.

82% hmmm...I’m not a genius here, but I’d rather have a chance of making money with 82% of people versus trying to be just like all the other investors out there who are fighting over that remaining 18%. 

What side do you want to be on? The side where you’re practically in the desert hoping to get just one raindrop to fall?


Do you want to be in a beautiful, green, luscious garden with money flowing to you like water flowing through the river while this unique website system is working for you?

What would something like this be worth to you? Having this "how to" knowledge AND an automatic lead generation system?

$1,000...$10,000...$100,000...$1 Million?

Yes! The smart investor would pay up to $12 Million for this!

I use this number because there was actually a story about a guy in a recent article I read that bought just a website name for $12 million!   Yes, I said just the website name!

He saw how that particular website could help his business to grow and that the long-term profit potential would be so much more than that, so it was worth it to him to spend that kind of money!

Ok, I’m not going to charge that, OR tell you it will make you more than $12 million, but I wanted to stress the point of how powerful the Internet is.

So what is the investment to get it all setup and going? Will you have to mortgage the house again to afford it? No way...I wouldn't do that to you.  It's...

only $697.00


I'm also going to do one more thing to get you to take action today for the sake of your financial freedom and for your family.  I mean, I remember when I started out in Real Estate investing how tight money was, so...

I'm going to waive this
initial setup fee of $697!!!

For a short time only, I'm waiving all set up fees. You see, I don't want ANY excuses for why you can't start building your real estate wealth and empire NOW, so I'm willing to help you not have to break the bank to get it going.

Of course, as in any business, I will  have to eventually charge and increase this set up fee...but where else can you get a complete System that brings in pre-qualified leads "while you sleep" without having to part with several thousand dollars?

I will tell you this, though...this is going to be a limited opportunity only…and once those spots are filled up, they are gone.

I know of other, very popular, internet marketers who would charge anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000 to set this up for you, but I want there to be no excuses on why you can't start TODAY!

These websites I'll host and provide for you will have all of your custom information listed.  That's right!  YOUR own information will appear on the webpage for all of your leads to see, as it's your website to use to generate 4-star leads.*


There is a small fee to maintain these websites for you.  But, it's only $67.00/month for us to host both your buyer and seller website accounts and for you to have the rights to use those websites that I’ll provide for you. You will have two websites sending you emails with the contact information of your prospects.  The great thing with these sites is that you decide how to prioritize them and who you want to call back…the choice is yours.

The sites have been time-tested and are very simple, to the point and gather all of the information from your leads that you'll need - none of the flashy stuff that has been shown not to work because it distracts people.  Your leads are looking for simplicity, not fluff.

If you're looking for "fancy-schmancy", flashy websites, then this won't be for you. We only want to deal with 4-star, motivated leads, and that's what this system generates, so how they look doesn't matter..

Let's be real here...

You don't order a phone line for just one month, right?  Success is all about staying consistent.  You will start seeing results very quickly, and will, no doubt, be generating 4-star leads continuously using our system.

NOW...let's think about this...

So, that’s $67 x 12 = $804/year, which equals about $2.20 per day to skyrocket your business! Would you give up your morning stop at the coffee shop in order to achieve success sooner? Who wouldn't?

Let me take this one step further for you...

*** BUYER LEAD ***

I want to tell you about a buyer lead that came in late one night just a few weeks ago. (all names for both examples have been changed to protect their privacy).  I woke up one morning and was checking my email while sitting on the back porch enjoying my morning cup of coffee.

The lead that had come in overnight was from a father who was up late one night and had found my system on the Internet.  He subscribed to our site by filling out the online form.  The marketing we had out there that got him to the site is part of what comes with the system.

See what their lead came in looking like:

He was looking to move very soon and needed to find a place that he could rent to own.  Because of having both of these systems in place, I already had a seller who I knew had a house in exactly the part of town they were looking in.  So, I called that seller up, arranged for them to see the house, and they moved in the next weekend.

From when I first saw the lead on my email to when I had arranged a showing for them, it all took about an hour.  This family was so ecstatic that I was able to help them so quickly that they happily paid me a fee of $1,250, and now they have the house of their dreams!


Now let's talk about a seller we helped.  This lady was moving out of state in two weeks.  She had been struggling with going through the Internet for weeks looking for someone to help her sell her house until she came across our system.  Once she saw it and filled out the form, she realized we were the ones to help because it was so simple and not at all confusing like the other sites she'd been to.  "A 2-year old could fill it out", she said.

See what her lead came in looking like:

I called her the next day since she needed to move so fast.  I made her a top priority since she was in such a rush...this is a great example of a 4-star lead.  Because of this, she didn't have time to go through trying to sell it with a Realtor.  There was a good amount of equity in the property, but she was willing to give it up so that she could just move quickly and get on with her life.

So, through our system, we were able to quickly locate a buyer for her house, and we closed on it within 3 weeks.  A buyer had actually filled out the buyer-side website form about 4 days before I ever talked to this seller, so all I had to do was go back and quickly look through my list of buyers to find the perfect match for this house!

And for bringing all these people together through the power of the Internet and our system, we earned a consulting fee of $5,500.

In each case, all it took was ONE deal to more than make up the annual cost of these websites.  So, you can see the power in even doing one deal each month...look how much money you will make simply by having these websites in your arsenal to bring buyers and sellers to you!

But, I'm going to sweeten the pot even more...

If you go ahead and sign up for the whole year now, I will give you TWO months for free!  Now you're down to $1.84 per day to have your email inbox exploding with pre-qualified leads from both buyers and sellers!

Let’s face it

If you're not using the Internet to generate tons of leads, you're just not going to be as big of a success as you could be...period.

Click here for the annual price discount

So, just for taking action today, here are the added BONUSES you will receive...

  • I'll give you samples of marketing pieces that I use every day that will have you generating motivated leads quickly.
  • This is huge!!!  You will be invited to a 60-minute, live telecall with me that I'm doing very soon where I explain and show you how to supercharge your websites to start generating leads in record speed!

Again, this is only a $67 monthly fee to have the Internet and Technology working for you TODAY so that you can make MORE money working LESS!

So, are you ready to see how you can dramatically change and increase your business? Are you ready to use what is already there - and free - to catapult yourself to success? 

Here's how you get started...

The Ultimate Tool To Your
Real Estate Investing Success
Starts Here!

!!! Special Discount Rate !!!

Only $67 for BOTH!!!

Using these two tools together will maximize your time spent. You'll always be working both sides of the market at the same time so that you have a constant stream of buyers AND sellers coming in…just hook ‘em up and cash checks!!!

Today Only, $67.00* gets you BOTH your Buyer-Side and Seller-Side websites so you can start streamlining your business NOW!

Order Both Now!

Or call our order line and leave your information at (214) 615-6505 x3268#
Questions should be sent to
(you can submit a help ticket there - on that site, as well, is a section of FAQs!)  

Pretty cool, stuff!

So, you can now see how easy it will be to have motivated buyers AND sellers knocking on your door trying to give you money...or their house...or BOTH!

Don't wait, though...I'm not keeping this offer open forever.  Take me up on it NOW!

If you're an action taker, you'll get in now before I have to start charging the setup fee. Take advantage of this while you still can.

Happy Profits, 

P.S. - These sites are the same exact websites that I use to generate leads and have cost me over $10,000 to create for myself, not to mention the one and a half years I've spent testing them and tweeking them to make sure they're the best they can be. So, to get both of them for only $67 per month...well, all I know is that you better click here now before my accountant finds out that you're getting ALL of this with no setup fee!

* As long as you're monthly dues are paid up and kept current.


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